Welcome! I’m glad you’ve found your way here!

There are two parts in my blog. One is my homepage  

including  about me , my gallery and my projects the other is my blog with lots of works and current articles about art.

If interested in my paintings you can have a look at many galleries here



whereas some of my past paintings are shown in

in  Meine früheren Aquarelle als Galerie, (my ancient water colours),

and ehemalige Acrylbilder (ancient acrylics).

As all the paintings are copyrighted, just inform and ask me if if you ‚d like to use one.

If you want to buy one of my works, just contact me at ppawlo@posteo.de

All the articles with  *  in the title are translated into English or, if longer, have got a summary in English. Hoping you’ll find something of interest for yourself here !  Enjoy!

(You can find more in English about myself and many more paintings  on „my photostream on flickr“)

(From the series: Into the Wild 2, 2009)

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